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The Crown Still Fits, KC Royals Parade, c. 2015

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The Crown Still Fits, KC Royals Parade, c. 2015
Kansas City, Kansas


This special edition series of black and white photographs were made during the KC Royals Parade after their 2015 World Series win against the New York Mets, the first since 1985. I worked in the pack, photographing the over 800,000 people that showed up to celebrate. As with most events, I rarely cover the main attraction but wander the outskirts, on the hunt for the culture of the event and hopefully a picture. I've selected 20 frames to offer that venture into the bizarre and dedicated world of sports fandom after a long 30 year wait.  

Luke's hand signed prints are personally printed by Luke in his studio using premium archival inks and paper. All photographs are delivered unframed, signed (lower right hand below the image), and a certificate of authenticity is included with each limited edition print. 

Limited Edition Series (Only 20 of each print)

8" x 12" (paper is 11"x14")- edition of 20